Our ESG Goals

We advance the following UN Sustainability Goals

Reducing greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gas emissions are making planet earth warmer every year and pose the most serious threat to the human race. Palm-e clean energy systems will institute significant reductions where we live, work and play!

Increasing on-site solar energy

By harnessing areas and spaces within campuses, towns and cities that have never been used before, Palm-e clean energy systems open up new opportunities in increasing the on-site solar energy coefficient within the built habitat.

Distributed energy

Palm-e micro-grids create networks of decentralized green power that may be inter-connected or operate independently to provide flexibility and resilience in times of natural disasters and emergencies.

Empowering energy independence

Community solar farms will empower energy self reliance, clean energy and a pollution free environment.

The Climate Pledge

Helping businesses achieve their 2040 carbon neutral pledge targets.

Making clean energy beautiful

We are making clean energy beautiful. We are making it so – so that it may coexist with us where we live, work and play! We are making it so – so that we may embrace it in our everyday lives, live with it from dawn to dusk, and make our world a cleaner and healthier place for the children of tomorrow.

…. “Above all – good design must primarily serve people”.
Thomas J. Watson